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bad_everything's Journal

Someone hit every branch...
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snarky snark snark snark, bad, eyebrows, fuck you.
1. Anything over 600x450 pixels needs to go behind a cut or it won't be approved.
2. Only one "preview" picture can be in front of a cut, the rest need to be behind it.
3. Anything that someone MIGHT consider NSFW needs to be behind a cut marked as such. This includes massive amounts of cleavage, people in their underwear, etc. I don't want people who are attempting to goof off at work getting in trouble, and it's a real bitch when they complain.
4.No hotlinking.
5. Any post has to have AT LEAST THREE bad things about it, or otherwise just be truly glorious.

Other communities for when it's just not bad everything:
shitty_mods - For shitty body modifications (tattoos, piercings, etc.)
badeyebrows - For bizarre eyebrows.
badmakeup - For awful makeup.
fiveheads - For when it's no longer a forehead, it's a fivehead.
omg_ur_teef - For gross teeth.
juggalols - Magic everywhere in this bitch!
bad_hair - BumpIts everywhere in this bitch.
bad_surgery - When plastic surgery goes wrong.
lolbadtans - For orangeskins.
stupid_faces - For jackasses making stupid faces.
badtattoos_5 - For lifelong mistakes.
grudge_post - Take that shit elsewhere.

Our philosophy:
Post some hot messes.
Because really, sometimes posting someone to EVERY SNARK COMM YOU KNOW will just take too long.
Nobody needs to see that shit twice.
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